The Neptune Tactical MA-12 from Alti-2 is an electronic altimeter with a digital display which can be used as either an audible or visual instrument.

It’s highly accurate, small, tough, programmable and features a rechargeable battery.


  • Unobtrusive footprint – significantly smaller than the majority of military altimeters
  • Universal mounting through four screws in the bottom housing
  • Robust machined aluminium case
  • Protected raised buttons with sensory enhancements for tactile dexterity wearing thick gloves
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof up to 6 feet for one hour
  • Highly accurate electronic pressure sensor with a 40,000 FT range
  • Backlit digital LCD display with large numbers
  • *Simple* Zero Mode, Standard Offset Mode, two Absolute Offset Modes (programmable in-flight)
  • Canopy alarms
  • Last jump logging
  • Standard velcro wrist mount bracket will space for chemical warmer for cold weather operations


  • Operating Altitude Range: Up to 40,000 FT MSL (12,192 M)
  • Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU) can be used to create up to 32 custom alarm names
  • Operating Temperature Range: -60F (30 minutes); -40F (continuous operation) to +170F (-51C; -40C to +80C)
  • Waterproof: Up to 6 FT for 1 hour
  • Impact resistance: Withstands a 1M drop onto concrete
  • Eight customisable alarm groups
  • Last jump logbook provides: Time, Altitude, Speed data
  • Sleep timer conserves battery life during aircraft transport
  • Flip LCD for easy access to buttons when mounted on navigation boards
  • Time to altitude on the Climb Screen becomes a tool for Jumpmasters
  • Internal self test means no periodic altitude chamber tests required
  • Firmware updates available through a discreet file provided directly from Alti-2