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Alti-2 Europe Limited will repair or replace any defective Altimaster Altimeter which was manufactured by Alti-2 Europe Limited, for a period of TWO years from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions:

  • Applies to Altimaster Altimeters manufactured by Alti-2, Europe Limited ONLY.
  • The Warranty does NOT apply to use of Altimeters by commercial organizations unless specifically and individually agreed to the contrary (e.g. DZ Altimeter Program).
  • The colours of altimeters will vary slightly with each manufacturing batch, aging and exposure to sunlight will also cause the colour to change over time. Alti-2 Europe Limited therefore cannot and does not guarantee the colour of your instrument.
  • For repair or replacement of an altimeter, which is the exclusive remedy available from Alti-2 Europe the original Buyer shall at his cost ship this item to Alti-2 Europe Limited for repair or replacement of the item at Alti-2’s Europe’s option and return it with prepaid freight.
  • Alti-2 warranty DOES NOT apply to any product which has been subjected to alteration, improper installation, immersion in water, misuse, willful damage, opening case, or any other form of neglect.

Repair of SSE Manufactured Altimeters


SSE, Inc., the original company that designed the Altimaster Altimeter ceased trading in July 1999 after almost 50 years of service to our sport. Alti-2, Inc. purchased the manufacturing rights for the Altimaster II and Altimaster III in July 1999 and has been striving to keep past, present and future Altimaster altimeter owners satisfied.

Under SSE’s lifetime warranty it stated, among other things, that the lifetime warranty applied to the original owner only, was non transferable, and the lifetime warranty card had to be filled out and sent back to SSE within 15 days of purchase. This program of SSE’s started approximately 1993. At that time SSE offered all owners of Altimaster Altimeters purchased previously the chance to take advantage of their lifetime warranty by sending in $5 and required information.

Alti-2 was given a copy of the SSE warranty data base and will be happy to check if your warranty card was sent in. Please email us your full name, model number, and serial number of your Altimaster. Alti-2 has been striving to keep up the excellent name of Altimaster by choosing to honor the SSE lifetime warranty on a case-by-case basis. Alti-2 is under no obligation to cover any of SSE’s warranties but has willingly chosen to do so at this time. FYI: We say case-by-case basis because if the altimeter is deemed non-repairable (repairs exceed half the cost of a new altimeter) and the individual had sent in their SSE lifetime warranty card we will NOT replace the unit.

SSE Altimaster III’s with a plastic outer case

Older model Altimaster IIIs with plastic frames are not interchangeable with the newer aluminum frames. To change a plastic frame to aluminum would also require a new back plate, case, faceplate, needle, lens, O-ring assembly, wrist strap, six screws, and wave spring.

One production batch of Altimaster IIIs produced by SSE are susceptible to cracking (due to a flaw in the molding process). Getting a new injection mold made is cost prohibitive. Since Alti-2, Inc. no longer has any plastic frames that were acquired from SSE we would like to extend our Trade-Up program to you.